This is basically made for human resource management but it connects every department or we can say each member of every department or collect data from multiple locations as well. HR involves many things from the entrance of the employee to retirement. ERP helps the HR team manage their task efficiently and make good decisions. Features involved in the HR module are tracking employees’ records like in-time out time, their performance, job description, recruitment, training, promotions, payroll, reports, administration, etc. all are managed by ERP.

Major Features of HRMS Module:

  • Grade wise employee salary structure and benefits customization
  • Salary dispute management feature
  • Attendance device integration feature
  • Payment gateway integration feature for salary disbursement
  • Automatic service benefits such as earn leave calculation
  • Automated forms and applications generation for individual employees
  • Automated ID card generation
  • Groupwise working day/ hour setup
  • Defining company and HR organogram
  • Self management of personal information

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